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Mortgage & insurance

If you are buying a property with trees growing nearby, your insurance company or mortgage lender may ask you to obtain a tree report.


The purpose of such a report is to assess the condition of trees on the site and their relationship to the property.  In certain circumstances trees can cause damage to structures; either through failure due to their condition, by physical contact with the fabric of the building, or indirectly through removal of moisture from the soil underneath foundations - which can cause subsidence*.


In order to quickly allow both you and your mortgage lender or insurer to know whether trees are affecting the property, or are likely to in the future, AD Tree Consulting can prepare a report with a fast turnaround measurable in days rather than weeks or months.




  • A survey of each tree within influencing distance of the property including: species, height, stem diameter, crown spread, age class, condition, and distance from any buildings within the property curtilage.

  • Observations relating to nearby offsite trees.

  • A plan showing the trees in relation to any buildings.

  • Preliminary assessment of local soil type.

  • Comments as to the possibility of trees affecting structures either directly or indirectly.

  • Recommendations for any necessary tree management in order to establish an acceptable level of risk.

Alastair Durkin, Arboricultural Consultant

* It is important to note that building subsidence is largely unpredictable and will depend on a number of interacting factors; including foundation design and depth, underlying soil type, climate, and the presence of trees or other vegetation.

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